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Anxiety & Stress

Bring yourself back to balance. Get powerful, drug-free tools to reduce chronic stress and anxiety. Retrain your brain and regain confidence and control!


Your first step to concussion recovery. Brain maps use EEG technology to take pictures of the flow of electricity throughout your brain. These pictures help define what kind of problem you are dealing with, guide treatment planning and specifically answer how neurofeedback can help. Learn where the problem lies and how start healing now!


Reduce fast beta waves and increase slow theta waves to improve sleep with our unique treatment approach. Sleep problems are prolific: almost 100% of us experience them at some point in our lives and 20% are enduring sleeplessness issues right now. Don’t let irregular sleep patterns rule your world!

Trauma & PTSD

It’s easy to isolate yourself and avoid asking for help, but our treatments will help you learn to look after yourself and stick to a routine. Don’t wait to socialize and take part in activities you used to enjoy. Improve your quality of life and get your brain back in balance – today!

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