Trauma & PTSD Treatment

Traumatic events overwhelm the mind and body. If you have experienced trauma, you may feel socially disconnected, numb or isolated. You may find yourself feeling more afraid and vulnerable, and have difficulty trusting others. Conversely, everybody reacts to trauma differently, and symptoms may occur immediately, or surface months or years after the event.

Psychological trauma contains three common elements:

  • It was unexpected
  • The person was unprepared
  • There was nothing the person could do to prevent it from happening.

In some cases, trauma symptoms are mild and may go away with time. Some cases may develop into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) where severe symptoms, such as flashbacks and insomnia, increase over time. When it comes to trauma, the sooner you seek professional help the better.

When to seek help

It is especially important to get help if you experience any of the following:

  • Feeling unable to function in day-to-day life.
  • Unable to form or maintain relationships.
  • Self-medicating with drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Experiencing severe flashbacks.
  • Feeling emotionally numb.
  • Suffering from an anxiety/stress disorder as a result.





I am now able to cope with the activities of daily living that became so difficult after my incident. MR



Advice for Trauma Sufferers

  • Don’t isolate – connecting with others will help to heal you.
  • Ask for help – recognize when you need help.
  • Participate in social activities – take part in activities you used to enjoy.
  • Volunteer to help others – helping others reminds you of your strengths.
  • Stick to a daily routine – routines keep you grounded.
  • Acknowledge feelings as they occur – be prepared to deal feelings as the arise.
  • Look after yourself – get rest, eat well and exercise.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs – which can lead to self-destructive behavior.
  • Learn relaxation techniques – meditation, yoga, deep breathing and massage.


Trauma Treatment

Deep relaxation is an important component of trauma treatment, helping you calm strong emotions and reduce high-stress ‘fight-or-flight’ trigger reactions. This strengthens your ability to stabilize mood and energy levels. Our unique treatment tackles anxiety, stress and trauma with powerful relaxation tools, including sound massage, virtual reality, guided meditation, red light, biofeedback and more. Start rebuilding your sense calm and safety today.

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