Better Brain Health

Improve your health with powerful brain-changing technology, deep relaxation and natural wellness.

We combine multiple treatments to offer you the biggest boost for your health. Feel your wellness develop as new neural pathways strengthen throughout your brain and body, helping you recharge, relax and refocus.

Energize your mind and body with rejuvenating red-light therapy that activates collagen, restores mitochondria, produces ATP protein and promotes cellular repair.

Experience stress-melting sound massage and luxurious infrared heat while enjoying essential oils, a cozy weighted blanket and a warm facial towel.

Balance your brainwaves with neurofeedback, strengthen the heart-to-brain vagal nerve with biofeedback, and master your mind with virtual reality meditation.

Virtual Reality Meditation

produce slow brainwaves


real-time feedback for breath, heart, and brain

Brain Training

strengthening Delta and Theta waves

Sound Massage

low alpha sound waves for deep relaxation

Red Light & Infrared Heat

cell revitalization & anti-inflammatory

What makes our treatments unique?

Our treatments work together to holistically strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system by not only calming you down but also blocking the sympathetic nervous system from sending you into high stress fight-or-flight reactions.

You will feel immediate and deep inner peace at your very first treatment session. Then watch the gains grow as your parasympathetic neural pathways expand and improve your health in the physiology of your mind and body.

Lasting physiological changes include:

  • Improved overall brain wave balance by building powerful healing brain waves in slow delta, theta and alpha frequencies
  • Synchronized heart rate and deep breathing to strengthen your vagal nerve, improving quicker recovery time and better stress relief
  • Naturally increased dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin levels, which revitalize mental health with greater energy, optimism and confidence
  • Revitalized mitochondria through increased ATP protein production (up to 200%) inside the cells of your brain and body

Reduced pain and inflammation by the calming of pain signals and reductions in cortisol, cytokines and other components of inflammation

Scene from the Guided Meditation VR app (

Virtual Reality 

Fascinating 3D scenes immerse you in a beautiful new reality that takes you far away from worry and stress. Incredible colors and sensory stimulation distract anxious thoughts, while slow hypnotic movements of water and trees induce a pleasant trance. Birds and leaves floating in your peripheral vision trigger relaxed “gazing,” rather than active focusing, in the visual cortex of your brain. This shifts you into parasympathetic mode, which produces higher levels of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and other healing and pleasure-based neurotransmitters.

A pleasing voice provides guided meditations for better self-regulation, pain control and stronger mind-body connection. These transportable skills help you experience deep calm and peace anytime and fall asleep whenever you choose.


For advanced brain exercise, add amazing neurofeedback to your virtual reality experience. A special brain-sensing headband gives your brain the workout it needs and wants. See your brain change in real time, while you focus on positive memories and warm feelings that calm your brainwaves and strengthen your brain’s relaxation capacity.

Neurofeedback trains you to consciously control brainwave balance inside your brain. Like a highly trained meditator, you will learn to increase your gamma waves, which generate positive mood and calm perspective; regulate overall brain balance and neural health; and, prevent or reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Neurofeedback also helps you exercise alpha brainwaves. Known as the “happy” brainwave, alpha waves are both a well-established antidote to stress and anxiety and a key ingredient in the brain’s ability to reduce pain.

Red-light Therapy

Red light has exceptionally strong healing benefits.

Red light gives your cells raw energy by stimulating cell-protein production in the mitochondria of your cells. This protein, called ATP, empowers your cells to forge new neural connections, remove toxins, rebuild tissue and fight off infection. The cell growth promoted by red light also helps to heal injuries, increase energy levels, boost collagen, reduce skin wrinkles and blemishes, and decrease cytokines and inflammation throughout your nervous system.

The long 600-700 nanometre wavelength of red light radiates two inches deep into the brain and muscles. This high, clinical-power level provides extra benefits. Brighter than a tropical day and ten-times brighter than a typical SAD light, our lights jolt your body into the daytime cycle of your circadian biorhythm for better day-long energy and deeper night-time sleep. Research studies show that our high brightness levels help alleviate anxiety and depression while stabilizing mood.

Sound Massage

Our specially designed sound massage chair converts a broad range of musical frequencies into powerful vibrating waves that heal your mind and body. The positive effects are many: deep bass frequencies relax your muscles; vibration increases circulation and oxygenation; and, pulsing sound frequencies exercise and strengthen delta and theta waves (those sleepy and healing waves of the brain).


Learn to unlock your unconscious mind with biofeedback, an exciting technology that teaches you to control deep physiological processes, including heartbeat and breathing rate. Live monitors provide real-time feedback as you learn to slow and relax your heart and breath. Guided meditations offer helpful tips while you sink deeper into relaxation and recovery mode, which strengthens the vagus nerve connecting your heart and brain.

Infrared Heat

Long hailed as one of the best drug-free health treatments, infra-red heat is famous for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits. We offer a gentle level of beneficial infra-red heat throughout your entire session.

I feel that these treatments have been a benefit to me and I incorporate what I have learned about breathing, relaxation techniques, body awareness and mindfulness at home and in my daily life


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Do you always seem to be stuck in high gear?  Is it a struggle to take a break, relax, and sleep?  Are you either racing at full speed or dragging yourself through your day?  These are signs of a high-stress lifestyle that, if left unaddressed, can lead to anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, aches and pains, perpetual colds, and other physical and mental health problems.

A stressful lifestyle locks your body in "fight or flight" reaction, where elevated cortisol and adrenaline levels spike blood pressure, deplete serotonin and growth hormone, overwhelm the immune system, and erode inner healing resources. 

It’s time to beat anxiety, sleep better and change your life.

Dr. Tom Diamond has helped many clients improve their response to stress and anxiety and sleep better.


I feel that these treatments have been a benefit to me and I incorporate what I have learned about breathing, relaxation techniques, body awareness and mindfulness at home and in my daily life.


I went to see Dr Diamond to help me with sleep.  Since using his services I no longer have to take melatonin to fall asleep and I am able to sleep through the night.


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