Calm Your Mind

What If You Could Easily Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep?

In today’s fast-paced world, you can’t avoid stress. Stress left unresolved escalates into anxiety, making it tough to switch off and get a good night’s sleep. When you don’t sleep well, your mind and body don’t recover enough energy for a full and productive day.

Learn how to calm stress, relieve anxiety, sleep better, and reclaim your health and energy with our unique uDream experience.

What Is the uDream Experience?

uDream combines a powerful selection of advanced relaxation technologies: Virtual Reality Meditation, sound massage, brain-sensing feedback, and more, to help you take control of stress and anxiety. Create deep relaxation and restore your inner ability to heal.


Virtual Reality or Guided Meditation


real-time feedback for breath, heart, and brain

Brain Training

strengthening Delta and Theta waves

Sound Massage

sound waves for ultimate relaxation

Red Light and Infrared Heat

cell revitalization, detoxification, anti-inflammation


Why Is This Experience so Unique?

uDream holistically strengthens your parasympathetic nervous system. This calms you down and blocks the sympathetic nervous system from sending you into high stress fight-or-flight reactions.

After seeing hundreds of qEEG brain scans and talking to his clients, Tom Diamond, PhD, saw the need for a holistic approach to leverage the latest drug-free technology for calming the stressed nervous system, and rebuilding the body’s inner resources for healing.

uDream provides a very customized approach for each client, adapting each session based on your interest or preference. You get measurable feedback so you can track your progress.


How customizable is it? Check out our uDream Service Menu to get a glimpse into your visit!

That was so relaxing, I feel like I’m floating down the hallway


Virtual Reality Meditation

Fully immersive 3D videos take you to a beautiful new reality, building your parasympathetic response and helping you gain self-regulation


Learn to synchronize your heart rate, breathing, and brain waves, strengthening the parasympathetic vagal nerve between your heart and brain

Brain Training 

Gradually ease your brain into calm by reinforcing the slow delta, theta, and alpha brain frequencies

Sound Massage

Infuse your mind and body with a broad range of musical frequencies, with sound waves specially designed for deep relaxation 

Red Light Therapy

Fuel healing power by promoting cell growth activating ATP protein production in the mitochrondria, increase skin collagen, and reduce inflammation

When we relax, we heal faster, think better, and feel happier.


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