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I had a traumatic brain injury.  Nothing was helping me regain my brain functioning.  Then I heard about Neurofeedback.  It is the one treatment that is helping me to regain my brain function.  I am able to sleep better, concentrate better, meditate and I hardly have any headaches any more.  It is not an instant cure but worth the time and investment – nothing is more important, well almost nothing, than a functioning brain. Thank you Tom and your Neurofeedback therapy! BF

I started with Dr. Tom to help me with high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, heart problems, and sleep difficulties. I was already on a program of diet, exercise and medicine prescribed for my angina diagnosis a year ago. I added meditation to my daily routine and I soon felt better. Within two months, my diabetes test — the Hb A1C — was down to 5.8 from 6.0. My systolic BP average dropped by 10 points. I am sleeping better and my optometrist said my eyesight improved since last year’s test. I recommend Dr. Diamond unreservedly. LM

Dr. Diamond made me feel very comfortable and welcome. He was very kind and knew a lot about what he was talking about. It’s also a nice facility and I look forward to coming back more in the future. NS

An amazing team of brain health professionals. They’ve played a huge part in helping me increase my productivity and focus (not to mention helping me sleep better too). Highly recommended!


I now feel like I have control over my emotions again, rather than the other way around. Feeling blessed to have these treatments and such a positive outcome in such a short time, especially without adding medication.

I have found it takes a team for holistic wellness to come to fruition. I am happy to have Dr. Diamond on my team!


I have learned a lot about myself and how to reduce symptoms by protecting my head, avoiding high impact activities, and lowering my stress levels.

Glad I’m getting better and learning how to deal with concussion. I’ve changed my life, and it’s helped to learn how to take things more lightly. Feeling good now.


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Do you always seem to be stuck in high gear?  Is it a struggle to take a break, relax, and sleep?  Are you either racing at full speed or dragging yourself through your day?  These are signs of a high-stress lifestyle that, if left unaddressed, can lead to anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, aches and pains, perpetual colds, and other physical and mental health problems.

A stressful lifestyle locks your body in "fight or flight" reaction, where elevated cortisol and adrenaline levels spike blood pressure, deplete serotonin and growth hormone, overwhelm the immune system, and erode inner healing resources. 

It’s time to beat anxiety, sleep better and change your life.

Dr. Tom Diamond has helped many clients improve their response to stress and anxiety and sleep better.


I feel that these treatments have been a benefit to me and I incorporate what I have learned about breathing, relaxation techniques, body awareness and mindfulness at home and in my daily life.


I went to see Dr Diamond to help me with sleep.  Since using his services I no longer have to take melatonin to fall asleep and I am able to sleep through the night.


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