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Stress & Anxiety In the Brain

Brain functioning is key to understanding stress and anxiety. When functioning well, your brain can handle fear, stress and change. Stressful experience begins in the front of your brain, which interprets meaning and reacts to stressful events with fear and other unpleasant feelings. After a stressful event has gone away, healthy neural pathways gradually move fear and upset to the back of the brain, where relaxation centres slow and diffuse the stress, and bring you back to a calm and healthy state.

But, blockages can interrupt neural pathways and disturb this calming process. Fear doesn’t move to the back of the brain and doesn’t slow down. Neural blockages can trap you in a high energy, frantic loop that escalates into chronic stress and anxiety.

Stress Neural Blockage

Chronic stress feeds fear loops that bypass the calming centres at the back of the brain. As anxiety increases, the volume turns up on fear. The more often you experience fear, the stronger it feels and the harder it is to switch off and relax. Untreated stress damages your mind, body, and brain, and weakens the parasympathetic healing and calming pathways of your nervous system. 

No one can avoid stress completely, but you can learn to master your response to stress and anxiety with tools and skills that strengthen your capacity for deep healing and relaxation.

Brain Waves

What Happens in Your Brain

Frontal Lobe

During an anxiety attack the frontal lobe shuts down.  This is where your conscious executive decision-making takes place.


Your amygdala does the opposite and lights up when you are anxious. This is your primitive limbic system: the reptilian brain.

When this limbic brain takes over, hundred million-year-old parts of your brain gain control and push you to behave like a reptile in danger. That reptile wants to run or fight, which is why anxiety overwhelms you with very little conscious understanding. This part of the brain doesn’t understand time, and is easily triggered into fear-filled survival-based behavior.

Solve Stress and Anxiety with Our uDream Experience

The uDream experience is our holistic answer for the stressful and anxious brain. We use powerful tools that treat the whole person, restore calming neural pathways in your brain, break the anxiety loop and reclaim healing and restorative relaxation.


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