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How stress and anxiety affect your brain health

Brain functioning is key to understanding stress and anxiety.

When functioning well, your brain can handle fear, stress and change. A stressful experience begins in the frontal lobe of the brain, the area that interprets meaning and controls decision-making, and reacts to the event with fear and other unpleasant feelings. After a stressful event has gone away, healthy neural pathways gradually move fear and upset to the back of the brain, where relaxation centres slow and diffuse the stress and bring you back to a calm, healthy state.

But blockages can interrupt neural pathways and disturb this calming process. Fear stops moving back and doesn’t slow down. Neural blockages can trap you in a high-energy, frantic loop that escalates into chronic stress and anxiety. The more often you experience fear, the stronger it feels and the harder it is to switch off and relax.

Untreated stress damages your mind, body and brain, and it weakens the parasympathetic healing and calming pathways of your nervous system. No one can avoid stress completely, but you can learn to master your response to stress and anxiety with tools and skills that strengthen your capacity for deep healing and relaxation.

Stress Neural Blockage

Get relief from anxiety with our unique treatment

More than 50% of us experience stress and anxiety at some point in our lives. But feelings of dread or anxiousness don’t need to rule your world.

Our treatment offers a holistic solution for the stressful and anxious brain. We use powerful tools, including neurofeedback and meditation, to restore calming neural pathways in your brain, break the anxiety loop and reclaim healing and restorative relaxation.

Our non-invasive treatment methods will change your brain’s counter-productive activity.  We actually train your brain to respond and function in a more beneficial manner through self-regulation. Together we can eliminate the patterns in your brain that are responsible for your anxiety

Client Success

Hear from clients who have had success treating stress and anxiety

I now feel like I have control over my emotions again, rather than the other way around.  Feeling blessed to have these treatments and such a positive outcome in such a short time.


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Bring yourself back to balance. Get powerful, drug-free tools to reduce chronic stress and anxiety. Retrain your brain and regain confidence and control!

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