Sports Performance

You can train your brain like an Olympian: many of Canada’s gold medal winners from the Rio 2016 Olympics incorporated neurofeedback into their training programs. Professional soccer, hockey and football teams also use neurofeedback, which is becoming more popular with amateur runners and golfers. Brain training can help you reduce high activation performance anxiety and move into the calm zone, where pros focus on feel and success in their sport.


See Images of Your Brain

Brain maps use EEG technology to take pictures of the flow of electricity throughout your brain. These pictures help define exactly what kind of problem you are dealing with, guide treatment planning, and specifically answer how Neurofeedback can help. Brain maps can even show where medication might help, such as stimulants that your doctor might prescribe to help offset sleepy brainwaves.

We use brain maps extensively and every neurofeedback client begins with a comprehensive assessment report. The brain map images help you clearly understand your individual electrical patterns, the highs and lows in your brainwaves, and your unique opportunities for healthier brain balance.

A Personalized Approach

Neurofeedback provides a very customized approach for each individual client. Our brain map assessment compares your brain to a normative database, pinpointing target locations and brainwaves for change. We obtain measurable, quantitative feedback every session so we can see real progress. Brain maps make what is normally an invisible thing visible, with simple understandable pictures.

Neurofeedback clears up slow and fast brainwave imbalances that block healthy neurological processes, freeing your brain to achieve its full potential, with lasting effects that maximize your brain power.


Brain Map Results

Brain Training Benefits

– Increase calm under pressure
– Use breath to control mind
– Improve recovery
– Increase stamina and resilience –

Find your high performance zone

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