Sleep Treatment

The key to great sleep is to master your brain’s “off-switch” in the back of your brain. 

Stress, anxiety and depression often create these problems by breaking your off-switch. This causes your brain to stay in fast gear, and your mind and body remain trapped in the classic fight-or-flight response.

If you suffer frequently from lack of rest, this vicious cycle robs more time asleep and steals your vital energy every day. Over the long term, studies show that chronic insomnia can have serious negative impacts on your physical and mental health.

Sleep Hygiene

There’s many things you can do to help improve your nighttime hygiene.

  • Follow a regular schedule
  • Develop a bed-time routine
  • Use low lighting in the evenings
  • Stay away from caffeine late in the day
  • Allow yourself an hour away from screens before sleeping

Many people with such issues use over-the-counter sleep aids or prescriptions, but wish they could reduce dependence on medication. Medication helps in the short-term, but doesn’t fix the root problem in your brain or repair your off-switch.

A Holistic Solution

Our treatment is a holistic approach that will allow you to find your way back to relaxation. The experience is all about calming the whole person, and training the brain to sleep better and rest more effectively. Brain training reduces fast beta waves and increases slow theta waves, which is the perfect recipe for rebuilding your brain’s ability to give you good restorative sleep. 

Both the National Institutes and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine have stated that brain training used in conjunction with relaxation training can help sleep problems.

Sleep Better

Reduce fast beta waves and increases slow theta waves to improve sleep with our unique treatment approach

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