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How sleep issues affect your brain health

The key to great sleep is mastering your brain’s “off-switch.”

Unfortunately, stress, anxiety and depression can play havoc with your brain’s ability to regulate itself, resulting in sleep issues. Because your off-switch is broken, your brain is unable to relax and stays in fast gear, trapping your mind and body in the classic fight-or-flight response. An imbalance in the brain waves results. If you suffer frequently from lack of rest, this vicious cycle robs more time from sleep and steals your vital energy every day.

Over the long term, studies show that chronic insomnia can have serious negative impacts on your physical and mental health, including an inability to concentrate, memory loss, mood swings and lack of energy and creativity.

To improve your nighttime sleep hygiene, it can be helpful to follow a regular schedule and bed-time routine, avoid caffeine late in the day, use low lighting and reduce screen time in the evening. Medications can assist in the short-term but don’t fix the root problem.

Get relief from sleeplessness with our unique treatment

Our treatment offers a holistic approach to allow you to find your way back to relaxation and sleep. This whole-person solution both calms the body and mind while training the brain to sleep better and rest more effectively.

Train your brain with neurofeedback, meditation, red light therapy, sound massage and natural supplements, to reduce fast beta waves and increase slow theta waves, which is the perfect recipe for rebuilding your brain’s ability to give you good restorative sleep. Both the National Institutes and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine have stated that brain training used in conjunction with relaxation training can help sleep problems.



Usually I’m wide awake at 5am.  Now I’m sleeping longer and waking up refreshed and full of energy. It feels great!


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Sleep Better

Reduce fast beta waves and increase slow theta waves to improve sleep with our unique treatment approach. Sleep problems are prolific: almost 100% of us experience them at some point in our lives and 20% are enduring sleeplessness issues right now. Don’t let irregular sleep patterns rule your world!

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