How does neurofeedback work?

After a client completes a QEEG Assessment, their goals are matched to specific brain sites, which are then trained using light and sound feedback generated by EEG-based computer software.

What happens in a training session?

A typical session involves approximately 40 minutes of neurofeedback training and 10 minutes of on-going consultation. The neurofeedback specialist places sensors on the scalp using a small amount of conductivity paste. These sensors transmit your brainwaves to a computer. The sensors are safe, painless, and ‘passive instruments’. They only pick up and transmit the electrical activity of the brain.  They do not produce any electric current.

Training sessions are easy and fun. Seated in a comfortable chair, you watch visuals on a television screen, listen to a variety of tones and music.  This audio and visual feedback is specifically engineered to alert your brain how to regulate or improve processing functions. At the end of your session, the neurofeedback specialist shows you a graph of your brain performance results and adjusts technical settings to maximize training effectiveness.

Is Neurofeedback safe?

Yes! Neurofeedback is completely non-intrusive and safe when provided by a qualified specialist, with BCN certification.

It has been used for over 40 years, with hundreds of thousands of training sessions. Neurofeedback uses the brain’s own resources – nothing is imposed and there is no artificial stimulation. It is just learning: safe and side-effect free.

Unlike medications used for symptom relief, neurofeedback training does not produce any negative side-effects. The absence of side-effects makes neurofeedback training very safe.

How many sessions will I need?

Because brain training involves learning, the pace of progress is unique. Gains are cumulative – they build over the course of your sessions.

While some people may reach their goals within 10 sessions, others may need 20 or more sessions before all of their desired results are achieved. The assessment report will help narrow the likely range of sessions needed, but this estimate might increase or decrease as you experience progress.


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