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Guided Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation activates serotonin and dopamine, brain chemicals that produce positive emotions and happiness.  Meditation also reduces cortisol, a major stress and age accelerating hormone.  The brain is like a muscle that is strengthened through exercise.  Research shows meditation helps with sleep, anxiety, depression, pain and other stress related conditions.

Meditation with Calm 

Calm is a series of guided meditations.  Sit back and relax and choose your guided meditation. We will setup your account and interpret your results and make recommendations.  You will see how you improve with each session.

Our meditation sessions are combined with light therapy in 20 minute sessions. This session can be combined with brainwave training and heart rate variability to enhance the brain boosting experience.

Meditation for Brain Health Class

Experience Dr. Tom Diamond’s unique system of micro movements, guided meditations and breathing exercises designed to increase your brain health and mind-body fitness.

These unique techniques strengthen your nervous system by activating your parasympathetic response which gives you more conscious control over your health and well-being. Your sleep deepens, helping you overcome stress and rebound from disease and injury.

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