Unlock the power of your mind

Guided Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation activates serotonin and dopamine, brain chemicals that produce positive emotions and happiness.  Meditation also reduces cortisol, a major stress and age accelerating hormone.  The brain is like a muscle that is strengthened through exercise.  Research shows meditation helps with sleep, anxiety, depression, pain and other stress related conditions.

Meditation with Calm 

Calm is a series of guided meditations.  Sit back and relax and choose your guided meditation. We will setup your account and interpret your results and make recommendations.  You will see how you improve with each session.



Guided Meditation Sessions:

Soundscapes include Beach, Rainforest, Desert

Programs to choose from:

7 days of happiness – simple techniques for well-being
7 days of calming anxiety – experience reduced levels of anxiety
7 days of calm – learn the basics of mindfulness
21 days of calm – deepen your mindfulness meditation
7 days of managing stress – help alleviate stress
7 days of focus – enhance your ability to focus
7 days of sleep – improve your sleep
7 days of gratitude – appreciate your what you have
7 days of self-esteem – develop your self esteem

Single sessions

Body scan –  a relaxing meditation
Loving-kindness – for self and others
Calm Light – more silence, less guidance
Forgiveness – forgive yourself and others
Sleep Stories – soothing stories to help you sleep
Walking Meditation – a stroll of the senses
Calm Kids – sleep stories and meditations for children
Deep sleep – relaxing body scan for sleep
Deep sleep relax – progressive muscle relaxation for sleep
Deep sleep release – passive muscle relaxation for sleep
Calming anxiety – release lingering tension
Deep concentration – focus your mind
Emergency calm – or immediate relief



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