Concussion Treatment

How Concussion Affects Your Brain

Concussion and other head injuries produce neurological blocks that disrupt healthy flow of electrical energy in your brain. This can cause many cognitive problems, including brain fog, headaches, disorientation and forgetfulness, as well as physical issues like low energy and poor sleep. Brain issues associated with concussions are a significant and growing problem; fortunately, general awareness of the conditions and research into solutions are also increasing.

If you have suffered a concussion, the first thing to do is see your doctor. They may prescribe a CT or MRI scan that can help diagnose a concussion. It used to be that hospitals and doctors told people to avoid sleep on the first night, but this idea is not supported by the research. In fact, lack of sleep robs the concussed brain of much needed rest and recovery.

Healthcare providers trained in the latest concussion treatment methods take a different approach. First, they know that CT and MRI scans only show gross structural changes. As a result, 75% of brain injuries occur at the microscopic level and often are missed. Fortunately, more sensitive tests, such as EEG, Brain Maps and SPECT, can provide better assessment for concussion and other brain injuries.


Get relief from concussions with our unique treatment

If concussion symptoms have turned your daily life into a struggle, know that you can get help.

The brain heals slowly. It takes time to heal synapses, thicken grey matter and create new neural pathways to compensate for brain injuries. Therefore, concussion treatment requires a long-term holistic mindset.

In the past, the conventional medical approach to concussion was limited and based on medication. However, we now know that drugs do not fix brain injuries, nor can they prevent the consequent decline of brain reserves.

Neurofeedback is one of the most powerful methods for retraining and growing your brain. A scientifically proven, powerful technology for improving brain function, neurofeedback is non-invasive, entirely safe and can eliminate the patterns in your brain that are responsible for your concussion symptoms.

Proven benefits of neurofeedback:

  • Rebuilds your energy and stamina
  • Produces long-lasting, measurable results
  • Treats the cause, not just the symptoms, of your concussion
  • Appropriate for anyone, of any age
  • 100% safe! It’s been used for 50 years with no negative side effects
  • It’s super easy – just relax and watch a video while your brain grows!



Client Success

I had a traumatic brain injury.  Nothing was helping me regain my brain functioning.  Then I heard about Neurofeedback.  It is the one treatment that is helping me to regain my brain function.  I am able to sleep better, concentrate better, meditate and I hardly have any headaches any more.  It is not an instant cure but worth the time and investment – nothing is more important than a functioning brain. Thank you Tom and your Neurofeedback therapy!


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Brain Map Assessment

Your first step to concussion recovery. Brain maps use EEG technology to take pictures of the flow of electricity throughout your brain. These pictures help define what kind of problem you are dealing with, guide treatment planning and specifically answer how neurofeedback can help. Learn where the problem lies and how start healing now!

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