Activate healthy brainwaves

Brainwave Pulsing

Brainwave frequency entrainment stimulates the electrical brain on a selected frequency: delta, theta, alpha, beta, or gamma. With a visual and auditory stimulus activating healthy brainwaves, it is possible to manipulate the brain into a certain state of mind. From deep sleep (delta) to deep focus (gamma), embracing the brainwaves allows you to immerse yourself in a desired condition of consciousness. This service is especially beneficial to those who fight anxiety, ADHD, or insomnia, but anyone who wishes to access stronger cognitive function, relaxation, or simply a way to alter their consciousness.

The Benefits of Brainwave Pulsing

  • Calms the mind
  • Strengthens brainwave rhythms
  • Reduces behavioral problems
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Increases heart rate variability
  • Improves psychological and physical health
  • Reduces stress

Pulsed Brainwave Frequency Sessions:


Light meditation – gently settle into a steady calm state with relaxing alpha and theta waves
Deep meditation – slow delta and theta waves promote a deep stillness and hypnotic trance
Grounding – strengthen your center with earth’s resonant Schumann 7.83 Hz
Light self-hypnosis – gaze inward with alert but relaxed alpha waves

Sleep and Relieve Stress

Power nap – sleepy theta frequencies with beach and ocean sounds
Deep sleep – go deep fast with under a sound blanket of the slowest, most relaxing delta brainwaves
Pain soother – soften the edge of chronic pain and fibromyalgia with delta and sub-delta waves
Depression lifter – mood-lifting patterns of alpha and beta waves

Energize and Perform

Morning coffee – wake up with fast beta waves that get your day going
Mind body health – strengthen your alpha waves, the central timing brain wave important for immune functioning and general health
Super boost – ultra fast gamma brainwaves achieved by advanced meditators, leading thinkers and elite athletes

Build Focus, Attention and Memory

Attention and focus – study and work more clearly with efficient 12-14 Hz beta frequencies
Memory enhancement – build memory capability with extra long sub-delta waves for information processing, storage and retrieval
Craving blocker – special brain hemisphere balancing to reduce cravings, habits and emotional reactivity

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