In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we have made the difficult decision to close until further notice.

We feel this is how we can support best-practices for social distancing, flattening the curve of spread, and reducing the potential load on our healthcare system.

We will provide telephone counselling sessions focused on support with anxiety and stress reduction, coping strategies, natural supplement suggestions and meditation skills to grow inner peace, or just to talk about how you are feeling.  

Telephone counselling sessions will be free to those who need it. We would appreciate others who have access to extended health coverage to book a paid session. Clients who are eligible through First Nation Health Authority or Crime Victim Assistance Program, please call 250-941-5596 to book. 

Don’t underestimate your stress load during crisis events. It’s massive. Self care is critical to staying healthy, making good decisions, and providing support to others. You help others better when you take care of yourself. 

Natural Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep Solutions

At Brainigo, we help you dial down your default speed so no matter how crazy life gets, you can switch off and bliss out whenever you want. A slower mind and body helps you boost health and energy, and beat stress & anxiety and improve sleep.