We have a great new tool that uses skin temperature to measure your level of relaxation.

Our new FLIR camera (Forward-looking infrared) photographs the heat produced by your skin and turns it into different colors.

Blue = coldest and least relaxed

White = hottest and most relaxed.

Other colors = temperatures in between.

When we relax deeply, our parasympathetic nervous system opens up our blood vessels and increases blood flow to the extremities of our body–fingers, toes, cheeks, nose, etc.

That extra blood flow increases the temperature of your skin.

The FLIR pictures below show a client before and after our 50 minute treatment session. Both her hands and face were warmer after the session. This shows she relaxed very deeply. In fact, she fell asleep, which is the most relaxed anyone can get!

Hands Before Session
79 Degrees
Hands After Session
84 degrees

Before the session, the hottest part of her hands was 79 degrees Fahrenheit. After the session, her skin temperature increased to 84 degrees!

The hot point moved from her wrist out to her fingers where you can see the parasympathetic nervous system pumping more blood flow into the extremities.

Her face also warmed up, from 88 degrees Fahrenheit to a balmy 92 degrees! The hot point also shifted from high on her forehead out to her cheeks, a more extreme body point.

Face before Session
Face after session

Every time this client relaxes successfully, she increases blood circulation and experiences significant health benefits, including:

  • Inner peace and well-being
  • Anxiety/stress relief
  • Improved parasympathetic response
  • Better skin health
  • Healthy skin tone and color
  • Increased skin collagen
  • Better circulation
  • reduced pain

I encourage you to try one of our deeply relaxing treatments and ask for a FLIR temperature assessment (at no extra cost). Then you can see the dramatic power of relaxation in your body, and experience the many health benefits of relaxation in your life.

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