We are excited to announce that we have joined School District 71 in their Work 2 Wellness program by offering a 20% discount on our services to SD71 staff.

SD71 Wellness Program is an exciting program that his committed to educating and supporting employees and their families in various lifestyle areas, by partnering with local businesses by offering discounts to wellness services including physical activity, healthy living, nutrition & mental health.

At Brainigo we provide neurofeedback brain training that helps the brain re-organize and self-regulate more efficiently by balancing your natural brainwaves. This produces faster more effective information processing, increased memory, decreased stress, and better self-control. It is an effective drug free treatment for concussion, improving focus and attention, addressing sleep issues, and relieving anxiety.

We start with a brain map assessment that uses EEG technology to take pictures of the flow of electricity throughout your brain.  We then give you a comprehensive report that identifies neurological blocks to help us pinpoint brainwave imbalances.  These imbalances may cause many cognitive problems, including brain fog, headaches, low energy, poor sleep, mood swings, depression, confusion, poor balance and pain.

We design a customized improvement plan based on your assessment results, and address your specific concerns and wellness goals.

The special price for an assessment for SD71 employees is $ 280 + gst

Neurofeedback Sessions with Red Light Therapy

Your treatment session starts with 20 minutes in our light therapy room.  Red light therapy is a healing treatment which uses light to boost and energize your body’s natural defence systems. It is a 100% safe therapy with no UV rays or any negative side effects.

Then you move over to our neurofeedback room for approximately 40 minutes of neurofeedback training and 10 minutes of on-going consultation.

The neurofeedback specialist places sensors on the scalp using a small amount of conductivity paste. These sensors transmit your brainwaves to a computer. The sensors are safe, painless, and ‘passive instruments’. They only pick up and transmit the electrical activity of the brain. They do not produce any electric current.

Please note that at least 10 sessions are recommended.  An accurate number of sessions can be estimated once you have completed a brain map assessment.

The special price for a neurofeedback session with light therapy for employees is $90 + gst.

Where to start

Use our online self booking system through our website to book your assessment.  Use promo code SD71 to apply the discount.  Clients will be required to show ID at their first assessment appointment.

Want to see if it is the right fit for you?  Book a free 10 minute telephone consultation.