We are pleased to announce that we are a registered service provider with the First Nation Health Authority Health Benefits Program: Crisis Intervention Mental Health Program and the Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program (IRS-RHSP).

If you have first nations or native status, you may be eligible for counselling services through the the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program and Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program (IRS RHSP), which is funded through the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB)

Clients must meet the eligibility criteria for the FNHA mandate to receive services under the Health Benefits Program.

Criteria for clients accessing all FNHA Health Benefits are:

1. A registered Indian according to the Indian Act; or an infant up to one year old of an eligible parent;

2. A resident of British Columbia, as defined by the Medical Services Plan (having an active Personal Health Number – PHN),

3. Not funded or insured under any other benefit system or benefit plans provided by:
a. Federal legislation, a federal policy or under agreements entered into by Canada and/or
b. A First Nations Organization pursuant to self-government agreements, land claim agreements, contribution arrangements or internal policies or plans.

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Contact us to see if you are eligible for coverage for our services through this program.