Natural Treatment for Sleep & Anxiety

Your brain creates electrical activity commonly known as brainwaves. Everyday stress, mental health challenges, and brain injuries are just a few of the factors that can imbalance your brainwaves and affect your neural pathways.

Our treatment sessions work together to holistically strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system by not only calming you down but also blocking the sympathetic nervous system from sending you into high stress fight-or-flight reactions.

We are treating the cause so that you feel relief from the symptoms.

Our Process

Escape into amazing virtual reality worlds that transport your mind and dissolve your worries with total sensory immersion. Energize your brain, body and skin with rejuvenating red-light therapy that activates collagen, ATP protein and cellular repair.

Pamper yourself with stress-melting sound massage and luxurious infrared heat while enjoying essential oils, a cozy weighted blanket and warm facial towel.

Balance your brainwaves with neurofeedback, strengthen the heart-to-brain vagal nerve with biofeedback, and master your mind and mood with guided meditation.


Scene from the Guided Meditation VR app (

Virtual Reality 

Fascinating 3D scenes immerse you in a beautiful new reality that takes you far away from worry and stress. Incredible colors and sensory stimulation distract anxious thoughts, while slow hypnotic movements of water and trees induce a pleasant trance. 


Red-light Therapy

Red light gives your cells raw energy by stimulating cell-protein production in the mitochondria of your cells. This protein, called ATP, empowers your cells to forge new neural connections, remove toxins, rebuild tissue and fight off infection. The cell growth promoted by red light also helps to heal injuries, increase energy levels, boost collagen, reduce skin wrinkles and blemishes, and decrease cytokines and inflammation throughout your nervous system.


Sound Massage

Our specially designed sound massage chair converts a broad range of musical frequencies into powerful vibrating waves that heal your mind and body. 


For advanced brain exercise, add amazing neurofeedback to your virtual reality experience. A special brain-sensing headband gives your brain the workout it needs. 


Learn to unlock your unconscious mind with biofeedback, an exciting technology that teaches you to control deep physiological processes, including heartbeat and breathing rate. Live monitors provide real-time feedback as you learn to slow and relax your heart and breath. Guided meditations offer helpful tips while you sink deeper into relaxation and recovery mode, which strengthens the vagus nerve connecting your heart and brain.

Infrared Heat

Long hailed as one of the best drug-free health treatments, infra-red heat is famous for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits. We offer a gentle level of beneficial infra-red heat throughout your entire session.


What our clients say

“I’ve gone from no sleep at all for 20 years, to 4 hours sleep every night. I feel like I’ve won the lottery!”


“For the first time I feel like I can make a difference in what goes on inside my brain. That feels fantastic.”


“I was having a panic attack before my session. Now it’s completely gone! Thank you so much.”


What clients say

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