Improve Brain Health


Your brain creates electrical activity commonly known as brainwaves. Everyday stress, mental health challenges, and brain injuries are just a few of the factors that can imbalance your brainwaves and affect your neural pathways.

Neurofeedback is the process of monitoring the electrical activity of your brain and introducing gentle light and sound stimuli in order to change your brain’s counter-productive activity. These stimuli act as rewards that actually train your brain to respond and function in a more beneficial manner through self-regulation.

A scientifically proven, powerful technology for improving brain function, neurofeedback is non-invasive and entirely safe.


What we do

An initial brain mapping assessment shows us when and where irregular brainwave patterns may be occurring and allows us to customize a treatment plan tailored to your precise needs.

Our Process

Brainigo - Light Therapy

Combined Treatment Session

Cutting edge brain training technology that balances and exercises your brain and relaxes your nervous system.

What clients say

I’ve tried many things to address my migraines.  After 10 treatments I’ve gone 2 weeks without a headache. I feel even and calmer. Marie G

I’m sleeping better and my energy has increased. Gerald S

Dr Diamond was the first person to connect the memory loss with my head injury. Glen M

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