The power of Neurofeedback

Training Your Brain Fitness

When it comes to taking care of our brains, many people seek improvement for sleep, anxiety, attention and concussion through traditional methods such as counselling or medication. While these can be helpful, they do not always provide the results we seek.

At Brainigo, we offer a drug-free approach called Neurofeedback that increases the strength and balance of your brain. When you train your brain, you increase cognitive energy, stabilize your biorhythms and tune-up your mind to fire on all cylinders. Get the brain power and inner health you have always wanted.

I’ve tried many things to address my migraines.  After 10 treatments I’ve gone 2 weeks without a headache. I feel even and calmer.

Marie G

I’m sleeping better and my energy has increased.

Gerald S

Dr Diamond was the first person to connect the memory loss with my head injury.

Glen M

Brainigo - Neurofeedback

QEEG Brain Map Assessment

Get a detailed report of the electrical activity in your brain.  Identify neural blocks that can be causing issues with sleep, attention, focus and headaches.

Brainigo - Neurofeedback


The most powerful brain training technology that balances and exercises your brain with computer-guided feedback.  Help for concussion, focus, ADHD, anxiety, and insomnia.

Brainigo - Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Reset sleep and waking cycles, grow cells, reduce wrinkles and lighten blemishes with 240,000 Lux brightness.

Brainigo - Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Improve focus, relaxation and happiness.  Boost healing neurotransmitters serotonin, melatonin and dopamine.

What We Treat


Brain training offers a powerful way to improve attention, concentration, and focus by speeding up the front of your brain.

Anxiety & Stress

Learn how to even out your moods and stay positive


Neurofeedback offers both short-term and long-term relief by training your brain to calm chaotic electrical brainwave patterns that spark headaches.


Brain training will improve neural connections and minimize the symptoms of concussion, so you can feel better than ever

Sleep & Insomnia

Whether your sleep feels a little off or you’ve been battling insomnia your whole life, neurofeedback can help you sleep longer and better.

Sports Performance

Many of Canada’s gold medal winners from the Rio 2016 Olympics incorporated neurofeedback into their training programs

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