Improve Sleep & Relieve Anxiety

We teach you how to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system with a series of relaxing treatment sessions that prevent you from a being in a high stress fight-or-flight reaction.


Our Process


Energize your mind and body with rejuvenating red-light therapy that activates collagen, restores mitochondria, produces ATP protein and promotes cellular repair.



Experience stress-melting sound massage and luxurious infrared heat while enjoying essential oils, a cozy weighted blanket and warm facial towel.


Balance your brainwaves with neurofeedback, strengthen the heart to brain vagal nerve with biofeedback and master your mind with virtual reality meditation.

Find Calm

Through powerful brain-changing technology, we help train your brain to find lasting mental peace

What our clients say

“I’ve gone from no sleep at all for 20 years, to 4 hours sleep every night. I feel like I’ve won the lottery!”


“For the first time I feel like I can make a difference in what goes on inside my brain. That feels fantastic.”


“I was having a panic attack before my session. Now it’s completely gone! Thank you so much.”


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